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Agile Testing Services

At the beginning of the project, agile testing can begin with continuous integration between development and testing. Agile testing is continuous, not sequential. Agile testing is a software testing method that follows agile software development principles. With many IT organizations around the world, Agile has also had to evolve to strike the right balance of application stability and time-to-market by adopting Agile as their SDLC, quality assurance and testing teams. Testing must be continuous and smarter as well. Improved test automation with the right test techniques helps ensure that every sprint is delivered with a potentially shippable product increase.

We help organizations new to Agile  build into their sprints in QA planning, estimation, metrics. We have integrated seamlessly with their sprint teams in the case of more mature organizations to improve test coverage, speed and quality. Multiple organizations have leveraged our frameworks for continuous test automation and performance testing to improve their quality assurance and testing practices.

Rapid globalization and dynamic business world changes have led to the development of innovative software development approaches. This trend results in agile methodologies and agile testing. Agile Testing helps companies complete their projects quickly and efficiently, resulting in higher quality and software applications being delivered more quickly.

Test Plan for Agile
In an agile model, a test plan is written and updated for each release unlike the waterfall model. The agile test plan includes test types performed in that iteration, such as requirements for test data, infrastructure, test environments, and test results. Typical agile testing plans includes:
  • Testing Scope
  • New functionalities which are being tested
  • Level or Types of testing based on the features complexity
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Infrastructure Consideration
  • Mitigation or Risks Plan
  • Resourcing
  • Deliverables and Milestone
Agile Testing Services Banglore
Our Agile Methodology

Our Agile Methodology testing services ensure that testing complements development and helps automation through constant integration and application of testing techniques. Also, this method helps achieve time-to-market and reduces slippage of defects. The governance model of our company provides the accurate level of information at the right time to appropriate stakeholders. We also have an institutionalized metrics and a measurement agenda to monitor sprint velocity / retro trends, backlogs, burn rate, etc. that provide visibility of performance and assurance for release willingness to all stakeholders.

Business companies around the world are experiencing a common trend in their business environment with increased customer expectations, technology upgrades and unpredictability. The magnitude of these changes and accompanying uncertainty compels most companies to follow the Agile process of software development. According to current trends, most Enterprises have gone on top of one-level and enforced agile commencement scrums (SoS), a vital technique for scruming massive project groups to attain their business goals. SoS consists of clusters of groups operating in an exceedingly distributed surroundings, that makes the case even tougher to speak, manage and maintain market time.

To address the on top of declared challenges, we developed a matured and evidenced take a look at approach that has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with client’s agile development processes or hybrid development processes. this technique ensures that testing is complementing development, serving to within the early adoption of automation through Continuous Integration and implementation of testing techniques.

We should perceive how these advantages map onto your business. Drop us a line portraying the possibility of your future application, and we will call you to examine the subtleties.